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Branding: an ongoing process of discovery that begins and ends with identity. Your organization’s brand is your story of community – a way of being that defines who you are and how you do what you do best every day.

Competency: What do you do every day? What are you capable of doing? What do you do best?

Standards:How do you do the things you do every day? What are the expectations for how you “do your job”?

Style:How do you act while you work? How do you see others acting as they go about their responsibilities?

Are You Ready? I can help you or your organization discover these answers and then celebrate them. I can help you leverage your community assets so the power of your shared story shapes a shared future. (Note: Services include complete brand documentation, staff education and an implementation plan.)

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Brand Statement Examples

Waldorf College logoWaldorf College is a very small four-year college that delivers engaging experiences with long-lasting, innovative and compassionate connections among all members of the community. Through these relationships, we challenge thinking, connect to those around us and confirm vocation as we become transformed for a life of service.

I assisted Waldorf College with its brand discovery and implementation process from July 2008 to January 2010 as director of brand discovery and launch.

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Krysilis logoPeople. That’s what Krysilis is about. Krysilis’ services support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, helping them accomplish what they desire. We help individuals do for themselves what might not be possible otherwise. Krysilis supports people – unique individuals with a variety of abilities. We support people in diminishing barriers that threaten to keep them from developing their abilities, allowing them to participate in the life they want to lead. We empower people to celebrate life.

In 2005 I helped Krysilis unify its identity under a shared brand after a merger of similar organizations. I continue to guide its brand management initiatives as a consultant.

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