Picture of Joy Standing and LaughingJoy M. Newcom has grown very comfortable sharing her story one-on-one or to a room full of people. She is able to adapt her message and topic to meet the varied interests and ages of audience members, while remaining true to her goal of open communication. Joy balances vulnerability with integrity, offering information on what it’s like to face a future that’s far from certain.

Part inspiration, part information, Joy’s openness invites others into her story. Most of her speaking engagements have been as a guest lecturer in child development (education) classes and wellness (physical education) classes, or as a guest presenter for church or education conferences. She’s also led media relations workshops tailored to clients’ specific needs. In 2003, she received the Governor’s Volunteer Award from the State of Iowa for a media relations workshop she led for some non-profit organizations.

Radio Interviews – Involuntary Joy

  • Des Moines Book Signing: Radio Iowa (10/2008), WHO-Des Moines (10/2008), KDFR-91.3 FM (10/2008)

Picture of Grace Matters Logo

  • Grace Matters: “When You Did Not Expect Joy,” (March 30, 2008).

Podcast with Rev. Peter Marty (March 30 broadcast) available at gracematters.com.

  • Local Book Launch: KIOW-Forest City (7/2007)

Speaking Engagements

  • “Diverse Living: When Someone You Love is Different,” 8th Grade Dugout, Forest City Middle School (9/2014)
  • “Living with A Person who has a Disability,” Wellness Course, Waldorf College (3/2014)
  • “Weakness as Strength,” Human Growth & Development, Waldorf College (11/2012)
  • Student Book Club, North Iowa High School, Buffalo Center, Iowa (5/2012)
  • PR/Marketing: A Look Behind the Curtain, Our Saviour’s Lutheran, Humboldt, Iowa (5/2012)
  • Church Welcoming Conference, hosted by Opportunity Village, United Methodist Church, Clear Lake, Iowa (9/2010)
  • “A Perfect Storm: Your Baby Has Birth Defects,” Human Growth and Development, Waldorf College (4/2010). Note: This lecture has been given each semester since 1994.
  • “The Best You, You Can Be,” Woden-Crystal Lake-Titonka High School, All-School Assembly (4/2010)
  • Human Development Class, Garner-Hayfield High School (3/2010)
  • “What You Do Best,” Regional Training, AEA 267 (Area Education Agency),
Cedar Falls, Iowa (4/2009)
  • “When You Did Not Expect Joy,” Donor Appreciation Dinner, Opportunity Village,
 Clear Lake, Iowa (4/2009)
  • “Doing What You Do Best,” One God, One Call National Conference, Lutheran Services-Disabilities Network, Minneapolis, Minn. (10/2008)
  • “Sorry, You Can’t Fix It,” Breakfast Discussion for Families and their Friends, Meredith Drive Reformed, Des Moines, Iowa (10/2008)
  • “Doing What You Do Best,” Training, Keystone AEA (Area Education Agency), Elkader, Iowa
  • “Welcoming Families of Children with Disabilities,” Welcoming Children Conference Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minn. (4/2008)
  • “Doing What You Do Best,” Regional Training, AEA 267, Cedar Falls, Iowa (4/2008)
  • “Identity: Who Am I?” Chapel, Wartburg College, Waverly, Iowa (10/2007)
  • “Child of God, Universal,” Chapel, Waldorf College, Forest City, Iowa (10/2007)